About «Scissorhands» beauty salon

   The first Scissorhands Beauty Salon was inaugurated in Moscow, at the Oktyabr Cinema, in October 2009. Its unique atmosphere, skilled stylists, an easy pricing system and convenient working hours have attracted thousands of regular customers. “The Most Fashionable Beauty Salon” title by Fashion TV, “The Best Interior of the Year” by Beauty&Design Magazine, national awards “Stylist of the Year” and “Salon of the Year” - all of these titles and awards are also a recognition of our achievements.

   A modernized Scissorhands opened on June 5, 2014 in the Capital City complex, in conjunction with the World Class Fitness Club chain, with more space, more services, a spa zone and a completely new design. The Moscow-City salon is an entirely new experience for our clients: it embodies all the most fascinating and innovative ideas we have dreamt of. Also, as a nice surprise for the World Class card holders, they enjoy a 15% discount on all of Scissorhands services. 

   In addition to the closely and conveniently located World Class Capital City Fitness Club, our clients may opt for a comfortable underground parking with its car washing services, or cafes and restaurants, and the AFIMALL City with its boutiques and the Formula Kino City multiplex, which provide a wonderful opportunity for doing some fitness, going on a shopping spree or spending time in the cinema.

   On April 11, 2016 we opened our second Scissorhands salon in Moscow: Ostozhenka Scissorhands, at one of the most beautifully designed buildings in Moscow, Copper House (3, Butikovsky per.). Our regular and long-term customers who live in the Moscow upscale neighbourhoods and the flamboyant American style of the Sixties have been our inspiration in creating the salon’s style. The unique ambience of this “land of harmony and solitude in downtown Moscow”, personalised solutions for each and every client’s wish, exclusivity of the Salon’s elements, the top-level quality of services - all of these are the hallmarks of Ostozhenka Scissorhands.

   Scissorhands opened its CAPSULE salon in Moscow on September 15, 2016. Capsule is the first beauty salon of its kind where appointments and payments are made with a single-click ease through a smartphone application. The new format has upended the idea of a 21st century beauty salon: an ultra-compact futuristic interior design, with no reception or cashier, 2 hair stylists, a manicure technician and a makeup artist, and supreme skills of all the specialists blended with affordable services. And above all - a nice and easy booking and payment process with just one touch on your smartphone display.



Vladimir Voitekhovsky

   An outstanding stylist who is also an expert in the salon business, a manager of major show-business projects, and one of the founders of the world famous LEGEND fight show. A third generation hairdresser and world champion in hairdressing. One of the creators of the innovative Scissorhands beauty salon recognised by Fashion TV as the most fashionable salon in Moscow. His 22nd Century Hairstyle Show has changed the perception of a hair dress; multiple publications and reports dedicated to that event have confirmed the unique character of his hairstyles; he was the first to catch on the rhythm of the future subculture. His clients are well-known personalities in Russia, show business stars, athletes, and businessmen. He is sometimes referred to as Vladimir the Scissorhands. In 2011 Vladimir won the national Stylist of the Year title.

   It’s interesting to know that in his youth Vladimir became the champion of Belarus in Muay Thai and completed a full course in playing the chromatic accordion. In a remarkable manner he has managed to combine the precise hairstyling skills with participation in professional kickboxing tournaments where he fought on equal footing with top Russian and world martial artists. Vladimir’s example demonstrates that human capacities are unlimited.

Alexey Mikhailin

Expert in marketing and branding, ideas man. Worked as a creative manager in top advertising agencies, as a marketing director in top restaurant chains, consulting companies and snacks manufacturers. He set up his own advertising agency and dozens of successful brands in lots of areas and his own business projects. One of Alexey’s explosive brands was “black humour” Crap croutons which were manufactured and successfully sold in Belarus. Alexey is one of the creators of Scissorhands salon and of the Legend fight show.

It’s interesting to note that along with his professional activities he has accomplished a lot in literature and music, in his university years he organised a musical festival, established his own punk group, and published a book of his stories. Considers himself to be half-Indian, since in his childhood he spent 5 years in India.


8, Presnenskaya nab., block 1, World Class Capital City, +7 (903) 790 34 35, +7 (495) 966 10 09 russia@scissor-hands.ru